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Many businesses are overlooking the value locked away in their existing products. ICONIC ADVANTAGE is a strategy that creates lasting differentiation and builds deeper relationships with customers.

It generates disproportionate levels of profit and protects against market fluctuations. Many of the world’s most successful brands have been using it for years. The book explains show you how you can benefit from it too.

There are three stages to building Iconic Advantage that we outline in the book. These are focused on building distinctiveness, relevance and universal recognition.

iconic advantage three stages noticing staying scaling power

Noticing Power is the ability of a brand or product to grab people’s attention when lined up against the competition. It goes beyond rational and practical design to add an element of desirability, uniqueness, and distinction.

Staying Power is about sticking around to become part of your audience’s lives. Even in a small way. You can do that only by being relevant both emotionally and rationally.

Scaling Power is focused on building universal recognition so that you become the standardbearer in the category you compete in.

This framework is the foundation of all of our talks, workshops and consulting work.

It’s as relevant for startups as it is for multinationals and as powerful for service providers as it is for manufacturers.